Signature/Personal Loans

Timberland FCU offers financing for all your needs. With your signature and good credit you can obtain an unsecured loan of up to $15,000 (if qualified).

Credit Union Better Choice

The Smart alternative to payday loans.

Why pay high fees and interest rates when there’s a Better Choice? Get a Credit Union
Better Choice Loan today!

Credit Union Better Choice is a short-term loan that offers:

  • 90-Day Repayment Term
  • Flexible Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly Payments
  • $20 Application Fee
  • $200 Minimum Loan
  • $500 Maximum Loan
  • 18% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • A Built-In Savings Benefit
  • Available Financial Counseling

The Credit Union Better Choice program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association in partnership with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking..

Signature Loans
Approx. TermAPR
0-60 MonthsAs Low As 9.99%
Credit Union Better Choice Loan
Approx. TermAPR
90 DaysAs Low As 15.00%

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