Term Share Savings

Timberland FCU’s Term Share Certificates are comparable to traditional Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Our Term Share Certificate accounts pay a highly competitive fixed rate of return. Terms of 12, 18 ,24, 36 or 60 months are available, with a minimum investment of $500. Our 90-Day and 6-month certificates require a minimum deposit of $1,000.

TierMinimum Deposit BalanceSavings RateSavings APY*
Regular$1,000.00 0.05%0.05%
Timber$25,000.00 0.50%0.50%
Market Index Certificates

Timberland FCUs Market Index Certificate offers all of the rewards of investing in the stock market without putting you principle at risk. This unique savings option lets you earn dividends based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The more the Dow goes up, the more dividends you may earn. If the Dow drops, your initial deposit is safe.

The Market Index Certificate term is currently available in 3, 5, or 6 year terms. Contact us for more information or to find out when the next offering period is.